Projects Folio

Welcome to my portfolio, where creativity meets wellness. As a dedicated  branding expert & designer, I specialize in crafting unique and resonant brand identities for wellness experts, yoga teachers, and studios. Explore my showcase to witness the seamless fusion of design aesthetics and the tranquility of holistic practices, creating visually compelling and harmonious digital spaces for healers and wellness enthusiasts alike.

David Heckford Personal Branding

Working with David to create his personal branding was a great experience. I enjoyed collaborating with him to create a unique and effective brand that reflected his personality and values.

Yoga & Me Branding

The branding work for Yoga & Me successfully captured the essence of the community's philosophy.

Pranasya Yoga Studio Branding

The well-executed branding contributed to Pranasya's identity as a welcoming space for individuals seeking holistic well-being through yoga.

Svasthify Wellness Branding

The new logo and brand identity design positioned Svasthify as a distinctive and contemporary wellness brand, setting them apart from competitors.

Navam Retreat Branding

The new logo design effectively conveyed the company’s values and mission, and it helped the company to establish its unique identity in a crowded market.

Karin Weber’s Personal Branding

Karin Weber's personal brand embodies the essence of balance and vitality. With a proven track record in guiding individuals on their journey towards mental, emotional, and physical wellness, she stands as a beacon of expertise in Switzerland's wellness domain.

Green Earth ReBranding

The new brand strategy and visual identity are meticulously designed to encapsulate the essence of sustainability, well-being, and nature's harmony across three distinct areas: Holidays, Living, and Farm Stay.

Arhatic Yoga Retreat Branding

The Arhatic Yoga Retreat of 2015 in Cochin, Kerala, was more than just a gathering; it was a spiritual odyssey. The branding and design weren't just aesthetics; they were threads woven into the fabric of transformation.

Dr Ural’s Perosnal Branding

Dr. MV Ural emerges as a distinguished Ayurveda physician with a remarkable specialization in treating varicose vein issues. His personal branding resonates with a profound commitment to harnessing the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to address a modern-day concern.
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