Svasthify Wellness Branding

The new logo and brand identity design positioned Svasthify as a distinctive and contemporary wellness brand, setting them apart from competitors.

    Svasthify, a wellness startup and yoga studio based in Gurugram, India, embarked on a rebranding journey with the vision of promoting overall well-being for the mind and body. The objective was to establish a strong brand identity that reflected their core values and offerings, differentiating them in the competitive market of Gurugram, the second biggest technology hub in India.

    Challenge: Svasthify faced the challenge of redefining their brand identity to stand out among other wellness centers in the bustling tech-driven city. They needed a new logo and brand identity design that would evoke emotions of vitality, serenity, and growth, while still maintaining a contemporary and sophisticated appeal.

    Solution: To address Svasthify’s challenges and convey their holistic wellness philosophy, our rebranding strategy focused on three key elements:

    1. Logo Design: The new logo showcased a dynamic human figure in an active yoga pose, exuding an energetic and vibrant mood. The posture represented the harmony between the mind and body, aligning with Svasthify’s core mission of empowering individuals to achieve holistic well-being. The color palette featured greenish teal, symbolizing growth, renewal, and balance, and dark indigo, conveying depth and spirituality. The combination of colors and the human figure inspired a sense of vitality and resonated with the target audience.

    2. Brand Identity Design: The brand identity design extended the concept of mind and body well-being across all touchpoints. We opted for a clean and modern font for the brand name to represent modernity and professionalism. Additionally, a combination of formal font &  handwritten-style font was used, creating a connection to modernity, nature and the organic elements of wellness. The cohesive blend of typography showcased the balance that Svasthify aimed to achieve in the lives of its customers.

    3. Website Development: The website design aimed to deliver an immersive and user-friendly experience. We maintained the greenish teal and dark indigo color scheme throughout the website to ensure a consistent brand presence. The website featured intuitive navigation, engaging visuals, and easy access to class schedules, instructor profiles, and customer testimonials. A dedicated blog section provided valuable content on yoga, meditation, nutrition, and other wellness topics, establishing Svasthify as a credible authority in the wellness space.

    Results: The rebranding of Svasthify yielded significant positive outcomes:

    Unique Brand Identity: The new logo and brand identity design positioned Svasthify as a distinctive and contemporary wellness brand, setting them apart from competitors.

    Emotional Connection: The use of vibrant colors and the human figure in the logo fostered a strong emotional connection with the audience, resonating with their desire for holistic well-being.

    Increased Engagement: The revamped website experienced improved user engagement, longer session durations, and increased inquiries for classes and wellness programs.

    Business Growth: Svasthify witnessed an upswing in bookings and class attendance, contributing to their growth and expansion in the competitive Gurugram wellness market.

    Conclusion: The rebranding of Svasthify successfully repositioned them as a leading destination for empowering mind and body wellness through yoga and holistic practices. The new logo, brand identity design, and website effectively conveyed their core values, driving customer engagement and loyalty. As a result, Svasthify continues to thrive as a trusted name in the wellness industry, inspiring individuals to embark on a journey towards holistic well-being.


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